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1. What is difference between a Licensed "A" and Unlicensed Travel Agency in Egypt?
As for the licensed [a] company means that the allowed capital to get a guanteed license cat, (a) Started from [US$300.000 to US$ 5.000,000] and to be classified as a company for outbound and inbound tourism and all other travel related services like Aviation bookings, Hotels, cruises reservation, transportation, guiding domestically & internationally. And the ministry of tourism has a condition applied on all the cat. (a) Companies they must have their volume of business along the year equals the allowed licensed capital [US $ 5.000.000]. AS for the other companies they are classified as (b) category for a lesser capital than US $ 300.000 and they are working in only one activity like transportation or aviation.

The third is (c) which working only for the travel services like hiring guides, renting cars, advise travel info s' etc.. And of Crouse the allowed capital is lesser than US$100.000.


2. For how many years have you been in business?
our staff experience traced back to 20 year in the tourism field.


3. Can you provide any references from people that took tours with you? 
As for the testimonials we can't send this testimonials due to the privacy of the contacts with our guests. 

However, there are some testimonials for some of our clients on our company’s web site gb.php


4. Do you have 24 hours/7 days a week contact with your staff through mobile phones during our trip? 
Sure, our working staffs they have mobiles and walkie-talkie are available 24 hours in all destinations of Egypt.


5. Do your programs can start anytime (flexible) or you do have fixed dates?
We have fixed dates to start the tours, but also, we have the flexibility to give the client the option to start his program in case the flight or any other mean of transportation is delayed to be started in later time in order to have some rest.


6. How much experience & knowledge do your guides have? 
Our guides are experienced enough, informative, active and qualified to deal with the clients in a polite and gentle way.


7. Do you have your own guides? Tour includes visit inside the Great Pyramid? 
What is real We have our guides that we dealt with for many languages, normally we don't include the visit inside the great pyramid in our tour as we leave this option to the client desire and the ticket to enter this Pyramid is excluded from our prices, we include only the visit fee of the pyramids area. It is has a limited number of tickets in the morning [150 tickets only ] and the same number in the afternoon.


8. Cost of the Tourist Visa? 
The cost of the ACTUAL tourist visa is US $ 15 Per Person plus 5 US$ total US$ 20 for the assistance through formalities.


9. What kind of meals and drinks are included with your package? 
Our quotation always are based on bed and breakfast basis in all destinations except the Nile cruises are on full board Basis, also, some hotel or resorts in Hurghda or Sharm El Sheikh are on Half board compulsory the extras [like soft drinks, wine, bear etc..] are excluded.but al meals are included with the exclusive tours that we provide in our tours promgames


10. What is the camera fee and how much does it cost?
As for the video Camera you have to declare and must be registrated on the Passport upon arrival to Egypt .as for any commercial usage for the video there are fees paid in the sites, the digital normal camera is allowed.


11. Do you offer special rates for children? Up to what age? 
Yes, less than 12 years old is 50% from the adult price. From 12 & up considered as an adult.


12. Children do they have special rates on the Sleeping Train, Plane or Bus?
Yes, there is a special rate for the children less than 12 years old on the sleeping train approximately 18% of the Adult price; and for the infant is free of charge for less than 2 years of age; the price include 2 meals dinner and breakfast.

  • Normally, we reserve the tickets on the first class but there is no special price for the children and there is no meal included in the price.

  • The flight tickets is subject to change or review according to Egypt fares during, The different seasons, for the fare of the children less than 12 years old the fare is 67 % of the adult fare plus the due taxes.

  • For the buses no special price for the children .


13.How comfortable is the Sleeping train in the 1st Class and the Sleeping Cabin (traveling with children)? 
You can check the site of the sleeping train


14.Can you provide pictures of the Sleeping Train features? 
You can check the site of the sleeping train


15. Can you include a bus tour to Abu-Simbel from Aswan? How long will it take and what will be the adult and the children rate round trip? What about Abu Simbel by air?
Yes, we can include the trip to Abu simbel by bus, it takes 03 hours driving each way the cost is Per Person Adult is US $ 60 & for the child is US$ 35 the price includes the round trip & the entrance and guiding fees of the 02 temples or by Air per person is US$ 170 the price includes the round trip AIR TICKETS & the entrance and guiding fees of the 02 temples, 02 transfers to & from the airport.


16. What are your payment options and policies?
We accept total payment through a bank transfer from the client's side or at least 75% from the total amount and the rest will be collected upon arrival to Egypt in Cash currency. we didn’t have the payment on line by the credit card as this is in all Egypt due to a security matters.


17. How big are your groups? There are a minimum number of persons to start the tour? 
For this concept we arrange our offers for either individuals or groups but for the individuals we arrange their programs privately [car& Guide].


18. Can you provide a list of the hotels you are dealing with? Do they have a website? 
We dealt with all the hotels & Nile cruise according to the clients request and most of the hotels have web sites specially the big chains like Hilton, Sheraton, Movenpick, Accor etc...The 3* hotels are not so, Luxurious as in Europe or America.


19. What about tipping?
Concerning this point we'd like to clarify it is a familiar and common trend in Egypt and it is to be paid for the people who serve you in every destination during your trip such as the porters in the airport, station, port or in hotels, Nile cruises, drivers etc.. so, you can prepare a sum of I.E. 100 that is the average that fitted the need of these people, as for the touristic guides the average is US $ 20.00 per day but you can give more if you want, and for the Nile cruise tip per person / per day is US $ 3.00 that covers the tips for the entire cruise staff [ restaurant, reception , house keeping etc..]


20. Is it an obligatory matter ? 
The subject is up to your appreciation to whose render the service and there is no problem if you didn’t give, but it is something been expected from guest towards these people.









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