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There is no better way to feel the spirit of adventure than to experience a desert safari - especially in Egypt. When you hear the word 'Safari' scenes from old movies might flash through your head bringing to mind those people who carried supplies and equipment through the desert under life threatening conditions.  The wildlife that one can see, together with the natural and exotic scenery, makes it an unforogettable experience. Egypt is one of the most famous places for Safari where you can enjoy both a peaceful and  eventful life.

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Egypt's Adventure

14 Days /13Nights                       Experience the fantastic tour to Cairo, the Western desert and Cruise from Luxor to Aswan in addition to  Abu Simble temple.

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Egypt Desert & Culture Tours

8days  /7nights                                  Enjoy the adventure trip to the oasis, the black and the white desert in addition to famous historical and archaeological sites in Cairo and   Luxor ( Thebes )

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Western Desert Safari

15 Days / 14 Nights
Unusual trip to the most amazing and mysterious places in Egypt. discover the magnificent western desert of Egypt with its Five Oasis, camp in the white desert and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

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Safari Tour


8Days /7Nights                                   an  adventure tour from Luxor to the western desert to El Kharga , El Dakhla, the White desert, El Bahria, Siwa and Cairo

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Sinai Safari

8 Days / 7 Nights                          Discover the diversity of the Sinai from the oases of the desert to the beaches of the Red Sea, enjoy climbing Moses Mountain and  St. Catherine Monastery.

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